Freddie and his 4th generation PearBook.


Zoey's 1st generation PearBook

PearBooks are obvious parody of MacBooks. There are 4 known generations of PearBooks.

1st generation: Looks like an iBook G4 with a colored back and light up pear.

2nd generation: Looks like the 2007 MacBook Pro.


A 3rd generation PearBook with

3rd generation: Similar to the black MacBook

542px-Pear book pro

Freddie with his 2nd generation PearBook

4th generation: Like a 13 inch MacBook Pro with a colored back.

The 1st and 4th generation PearBook are available in several differenet colors and they all run Pear OS X. In real life, they do not show anything on the screen. There is a green screen on top of the monitor and the producers key in the Pear OS X.

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